Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond


Braggable or shameful?  It's the Jimmy Carter of seminaries -- intelligent, misunderstood, aloof.        

However, should not a braggable school assert its own clout?  There's the issue of it's age (founded in 1989) and its denomination (Baptist).  Braggability and Baptism -- there's an odd pairing. 

What insufferable tics will this school impart on my child?   This is an academically rigorous school, Baptist stereotypes notwithstanding.  Your child will become one of those people, if he's not already, who uses the phrase "...if you will."  


Will are some popular activities at this school?  Foot washing, Hebrew learning, and Anecdote memorizing. 

What are some quirky traditions that make this school great?  Apparently there's this awesome night where the freshmen are dragged from their rooms, hogtied, to the James River, where they are then forced to baptise each other over and over until they lose consciousness, at which point they are deposited in Monroe Park.